Welcome to Effective Teaching and Training, where you can find help and advice about all aspects of teaching or training adults. Whether you’re a corporate trainer, a university lecturer or a freelance trainer, teacher or tutor, no matter what your subject area or specialism you’ll find support here to enhance your skills and help you to inspire and empower your students, trainees or clients.

One-to-One, Personalised Coaching

I provide customised, one-to-one coaching for trainers, teachers and lecturers. If you’re new to your job or are struggling to make a success of it, I can help you. Perhaps you’ve been thrown into a training role because you’re an expert in the field, though you have little or no experience of teaching and don’t really know how to approach it. Perhaps you chose to be a trainer because you enjoy working with people, but you’re frustrated that your trainees don’t seem to be learning as fast or well as you expected them to. Perhaps you’re a lecturer receiving negative feedback from your students and unsure how to rectify the situation. Whether you tutor individual students, train small groups or lecture to two or three hundred, whatever the problem is, we can solve it together.


Effective teaching and training of adultsBy observing you in action, I can offer you feedback and insight as to how you can connect better with your trainees/students, restructure the course content to make it clearer and more memorable, deliver your message with more impact. Depending on your circumstances, either I can sit in on a genuine course you’re delivering or we can roleplay it together in private and you show me what you do/would do with your students or trainees. Then we can discuss how to build on your strengths and to tighten up and improve the areas you’re not doing as well.

One of the huge advantages of one-to-one coaching is that we’re free to concentrate on whichever aspects of the teaching process you find particularly challenging. Another is that we can find solutions that reflect your personality and suit your style.

The coaching is a mixture of discussion and practice. We’ll talk about the difficulties you’re finding and come up with solutions tailored to your own situation. We’ll also use roleplay to give you the opportunity to try out and refine new ways of presenting your material and connecting with your trainees/students.

During your coaching session we can work on:

  • planning, structuring and composing the course content
  • time management
  • your delivery (how to make best use of your voice, how to stand and move, how to connect and build a rapport with the participants)
  • use of visual aids and handouts
  • handling questions
  • troubleshooting
  • your confidence
  • any other areas you would like help with.

practical trainingFor more detail, please see the appropriate page:

Training for Corporate Trainers
Training for University Lecturers
Training for Freelance Trainers, Teachers and Tutors

Most of my clients fit into these categories but if you don’t and you’d like some coaching, please contact me to discuss your situation. Maybe you’re going to be giving a guest lecture at an institute or society, leading a session at a conference or convention, running a workshop for a group of volunteers. If you’re teaching or training adults in any capacity, let’s talk about how you can do so most effectively.

Who am I?

My name is Georgina Kirk and I’ve been teaching and training adults, in a variety of contexts, all my professional life. Over the 25 or so years since I finished my first degree, I’ve taught languages to all sorts of different people, both in Britain and in Italy; I’ve taught literature, history and self-help techniques; I’ve trained corporate and individual clients in practical skills such as computer systems, public speaking and how to perform magic and, on an unofficial basis, I’ve taught three people to drive. I am a teacher through and through.

Alongside the above, I’ve trained and coached countless teachers, trainers and lecturers, whose courses have covered a diverse range of subjects and skills, including: languages, car mechanics, employment law, mystery shopping, wireless printing, medieval history, coping with cancer, health & safety on an oil rig, aid & development in Africa, search engine optimisation, education management, care-home management and magic.

I’m based in Manchester (UK) but I travel widely so, wherever you are, if you think I can help you, please get in touch.

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You can find the answers to some frequently asked questions here and read more about me here.

To discuss your requirements and find out more about how I can help you, please contact me.

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