Manchester: a hive of teaching and training

I discovered the buzzing city of Manchester when I came to university here in 1986. Since those heady years as a language student, I have had my mind expanded and improved by a wide variety teachers, trainers and lecturers sharing the extraordinary wealth of knowledge and skills that Manchester has to offer. Over longer or shorter periods, I’ve attended courses in journalism, script-writing, television & radio presenting, history of art, massage and the job of a forensic detective – to name just a few. I’ve had private lessons in playing the keyboard, singing, Spanish, Greek and web design. I learnt to play bridge at Manchester Bridge Club, one of the best in the country; I spent four years studying part-time at the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy; as a member of the Manchester Circle of Magicians, I continue to learn a great deal from my colleagues and from visiting lecturers from all over the world.

For those interested in acquiring new skills and knowledge, Manchester is undoubtedly a stimulating place to be. With its excellent universities and thriving cultural scene, it provides endless nourishment for both intellect and soul (although, sadly, the Courses for the Public programme has been cut, there are still many lectures and events at the University that are open to everyone). The Greater Manchester area – including Salford, Stockport and Trafford – encompasses all sorts of industry, with local, national and multi-national companies training up their workforces in research & development, sales, customer service, human resource management, change management and every other aspect of business activity. Within the work environment and outside it, more or less whatever vocational, academic or practical learning someone might wish to undertake, it’s available in or near Manchester.

But what of all the teachers, trainers and lecturers who impart all this invaluable knowledge? Are you happy in your work? If not, if you’re finding it stressful, a few hours’ coaching can almost certainly sort that out.

For roughly a quarter of a century, my own career has revolved around teaching and training of one kind or another. I love it and would go on doing it even if I won the lottery jackpot. The training I provide to trainers, lecturers and anyone who teaches adults is one to one, customised to meet the specific needs and to suit the specific style of each individual.

I owe the teachers, trainers and lecturers of Manchester a huge debt of gratitude and I’m delighted to be able to redress the balance a bit by helping you to do your jobs even better and with less anxiety. It’s hard to inspire and empower others when you’re feeling overstretched and/or insecure yourself. Whether you’re a peripatetic music teacher of adult students, a university lecturer or a trainer working for a global organisation, if you’d like some support and coaching to make your work easier, more effective and more satisfying, please get in touch and let’s arrange it for you.