If you provide training for or on behalf of your organisation, you may or may not have received any training yourself to prepare you for this role. Either way, a session or two of one-to-one coaching can make all the difference to your success. Whatever it is you’re teaching your trainees, if it’s not working as well as it should, I can help you understand why and to make the necessary adjustments.

Flexible, Customised, One-to-One Training for Trainers

corporate trainingDesigning and delivering an effective training course is no small undertaking. If you’re struggling with any aspect of the process – or if you’re struggling in general as a trainer and you’re not sure why – let’s put that right for you!

Because it’s one to one, the coaching is completely customised to meet your own individual requirements. The format is flexible and we’ll use the time in whatever way will be of most advantage to you. It’s a mixture of discussion and practical work, focused on the areas that most concern you. For some, it may be mainly about finding the most effective ways to present complex and potentially dull material; for others, it may be more about how to motivate trainees who resent having to attend this compulsory course. Whatever the issues you’re facing are, we’ll find solutions that work for you and your trainees.

Amongst the elements we can work on are:

Planning and preparing a course. The more effort you put in beforehand, the more effective your training will be. We’ll look at all the factors you need to consider as you structure and compose the course content, so it will be as easy as possible for you to deliver and the participants will get maximum benefit. We’ll also think about what sort of visual aids or props you might use to enhance your trainees’ understanding, whether a handout might be useful to reinforce their learning, how to get them all actively participating. And, of course, just as with a presentation, you need to rehearse what you’re going to be teaching – we’ll definitely talk about that and how best to approach it, to make sure that on the day you speak clearly and confidently.

If you’re an inexperienced and/or nervous  trainer, we can discuss the psychological side of preparing for a course, so that you don’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious but can concentrate fully on connecting with the people you’re training.

Corporate trainer

Delivering a course. Again in a similar way to preparing you to make a successful presentation, I’ll take you through the techniques of effective delivery (how to make best use of your voice, how to stand and move, how to build a rapport with the participants, and so on) and you can practise, while I give you feedback as we go along.

We’ll also think about how best to handle difficult questions and any other potential problems.

Evaluating a course afterwards. However thoroughly you prepare, a training course is an interactive event and the chances are something or other will not go according to plan. Often, that doesn’t matter at all – and we’ll talk about how you can feel comfortable going with the flow and adapting your material to suit a change in circumstances – but sometimes it’s not good and we’ll also talk about how you can learn from any mishaps and prevent them from occurring again.

If you’re well prepared and you deliver your course with enthusiasm, it’s unlikely you’ll get negative feedback from your trainees. Nevertheless, it happens from time to time, so let’s look at how you can turn criticism into positive action and not allow it to undermine your confidence.

How to arrange your coaching

Please contact me and we’ll discuss the most effective and efficient way to meet your objectives. Depending on your circumstances, it may be useful if I sit in on a course you’re delivering, to get a clear picture of how you work. If that’s not suitable or feasible, you can (re)create a sample of a course for me during your private coaching session. I will give you an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, then we’ll roll up our sleeves and polish your training skills till they shine!

As far as the practicalities and logistics are concerned, a lot depends on your situation. We can book you a session of training (an hour and a half), half a day, a day or more – whatever you need. We can do the coaching at your office/training centre or, if this is not suitable, we can hire a meeting room somewhere convenient for you to get to.

The closer you are to Manchester, where I’m based, the more flexible I can be with scheduling but wherever you are we can make an arrangement to suit you.

My rates are very reasonable but they vary slightly according to what is involved, so please get in touch for a quote.