Teaching and training of adults takes all sorts of different forms and takes place in all sorts of different contexts. Whether you work with trainees in an organisational setting, teach at a school or institute dedicated to your discipline or tutor students/clients privately at home, if you’d like help and support to brush up your skills and become more effective at what you do, just contact me and we’ll make it happen.

One-to-One, Customised Coaching for Teachers and Trainers of Adults

Coaching for trainers, tutors, teachers of adults

I can assist you with all aspects of designing and delivering an effective course or training programme. If you’re concerned about a specific course, I can work with you to ensure you make a success of it. If you’re just starting out and want to learn from scratch how to teach or train adults, I can give you all the (metaphorical) tools you need for the job and show you how to use them. If you’ve been teaching or training for a while but feel in need a refresher, I can help you evaluate your approach, improve where necessary and rediscover your enthusiasm.

The two main areas we’ll work on are:

Planning and preparing a course. We can look at the overall structure of the programme and at how to decide and organise the content of individual lessons/sessions. We’ll discuss different teaching methods and what would work best with the particular people you’re teaching. It may be, for example, that you’re trying to pack too much into your sessions and your students are overwhelmed. Or it may be that you’re asking them questions or giving them exercises they haven’t yet got enough information to answer or complete – it’s easily done when you know the material inside out and back to front. This kind of problem will be revealed as we discuss the content and roleplay teaching it.

Training for teachers of adults

Delivering the course. As well as making sure you’re feeding your trainees the right amount of information at the right sort of speed – and helping them to absorb and digest it – we’ll work on the techniques you need to build a rapport with the people you’re teaching and to put yourself across with clarity and authority. These are about making best use of your voice, making eye contact as you speak, how to stand and move around a classroom or training room (or how to connect with your student/s as you sit with them, if that’s what you do).

We can also talk about how to deal with any specific difficulties, such as mixed ability groups, trainees who don’t want to be there, clients who are much older than you are. And how to keep your students motivated and focused.

Alongside the practical work, we can explore the psychological side of preparing for success. If any sort of nerves or anxiety is holding you back, I can recommend various strategies for overcoming it, so you can teach with serenity, power and passion.

How to arrange your coaching

Please contact me with a brief overview of your situation and objectives. Then we’ll make a plan to suit you. If  you’re fairly local to Manchester, we should be able to arrange a session for you within a week or two, if that’s what you’d like to do. If you’re further away, it will take a degree more planning but I travel extensively all over the UK for work, so that needn’t be a problem.

As far as the practicalities and logistics are concerned, a lot depends on your situation. We can book you a session of training (an hour and a half), half a day, a day or more – whatever you need. We can do the coaching at your training centre or wherever you work or, if this is not suitable, we can hire a meeting room somewhere convenient for you to get to.

My rates are very reasonable but they vary slightly according to what is involved, so please get in touch for a quote.